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Corn Blart Mall Crop

Corn Blart only wanted to live a simple life, tending to the humans on his meat farm and caring for his aging Momma Blart. But the mayor was in hot butter with the local crime syndicate, and when they demanded he build a mall on the Blart property for their kernel laundering scheme, it was either give in, or face the cob skewers. Five years later, Corn Blart is nearly unrecognizable as the mall's head of security. Sure, a cursory glance would show you a hardworking corn just trying to keep shoppers safe. But look deeper, and you will find a corn thirsty for revenge. The mayor's birthday is coming up, and this year he's celebrating it in the mall courtyard. With Momma Blart in heaven and the family farm wiped out, Corn Blart has nothing left to lose.

  • Solid colors are 100% ringspun cotton
  • Heather Grey is 10% polyester
  • Other heathers are 65% polyester
  • Tear away label
  • 100% not on fire (only when not on fire)

Amanda is 5 foot 3 and wearing a small

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Photos by Jamie Kraus Photography

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