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What to do at a party when you don't know anyone - Part 1

Yank out a chunk of your hair and present it to people. Ask them to “pick a card.”


Write your name on an empty paper bag. Hold the bag up in front of you and shout: “I brought a sandwich and now it’s gone. Until I find out who took it, NO ONE LEAVES!”

Stand in the middle of the room and slap yourself over and over while whispering, “Jumanji wasn’t real. Jumanji wasn’t real. Jumanji wasn’t real.”

Keep insisting that the house is on a slant. To prove this point, fall over multiple times, or take your shoe and toss it across the room. 

Tell as many people as you can, “Did you know turbulence isn’t real? That’s just the pilot trying to hit birds.”

Stand outside the bathroom. High five everyone that comes out. 

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